Renáta Tímea Tolvai, known professionally as Tolvai Reni was born on the 24th of March 1991 in Oradea, the capital city of Bihor County and Crisana region, one of the most important centers of economic, social and cultural development in the western part of Romania.

In 2010, she was only 19 when besides winning the Hungarian Idol she also became the Hungarian Voice of the Year.

Reni's music is generally R&B-pop, but she also incorporates electro pop, jazz and soul into her songs. She was always inspired by her idols Beyoncé Knowles and Aretha Franklin.

Reni is a very energetic and sensitive person. She is also known for her openness and kindness with her fans, fact proved by having 100k fans on her Official Facebook page where she is in permanent contact with them.